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Bolv started his activity almost 3 decades ago with the foundation of our fuel retail company Olsi sh.p.k, on 1992 with the sole shareholder Mr. Behar Çukaj, with the main activity of fuel retail sale.


BOLV-OIL j.s.c. was created on January 2003, as a result of a successful economic activity that Mr. Behar Çukaj has developed since 1992 with the OLSI l.l.c. At that time there was the need to create a mother company which would have had a wider field of activity in the hydrocarbons market and would simultaneously include in its activity a part of the activity of “OLSI l.l.c.”.


During the period when BOLV-OIL j.s.c. was created, the company OLSI l.l.c. continued its activity in trading at retail of fuels, an activity which it continues even today through its 34 locations in Albania. The main activity of the company BOLV-OIL j.s.c. is import & export and wholesale trading of fuels and combustibles, transport of all kinds of hydrocarbons, station of fuel deposit etc.


A very important sector of the trading activity of the company BOLV-OIL j.s.c. is also the transportation of gross diesel. BOLV-OIL j.s.c. owns all the needed logistic to perform its activity. BOLV-OIL j.s.c. owns also 2 warehouses for wholesale trading of fuels located in Patos, Fier and in Mëzez, Tirana. The depository capacity of these warehouses are considerable and they make possible the coping with the requirements that the sale market of mass selling of fuels has.


In November 2011, the company BOLV-OIL j.s.c. bought 100% of the actions of the association PORTO ROMANO OIL j.s.c. which owns the station of fuel deposit in Porto Romano in Durrës. The deposit capacity of this station is 20,000 m3 and is currently investing in the growth of its capacity. PORTO ROMANO OIL j.s.c. owns the authorization released by the Ministry of Finances as a “Free Customs Warehouse”.


For almost 29 years, thousands of loyal clients choose our products, which are guaranteed, imported and safe origin products, certified from International and Albanian authorities. The company nowadays has more than 34 service stations within the territory of Albania. We are currently working very hard to extend the number of our service stations, as well as to increase the quality of services offered through them.


Starting from 2019, the company is changing the brand identity, with a new identity, logo and colors. The new identity aims to express our commitment to our clients, security, loyalty, movement and positive energy.We have also developed a “one-stop experience” concept through the name “Bolv Xpress” and we are aiming that all our service stations around Albania, besides fuel, will soon be equipped with more services such as bar-restaurants, hotels, markets, carwash, automobile service, utilities payments, kids entertainments areas etc.


Bolv is part of Bolv Group, a successful holding company which includes the 6 companies: Olsi l.l.c., Bolv Oil j.s.c, Autovision j.s.c, Albdrilling j.s.c, Porto Romano l.l.c and Çukaj Foundation with main activity in: import & export with wholesale and retail trade of fuels, transport of all types of hydrocarbons, fuel storage, official representation of the prestigious and international Iveco brand, philanthropic initiatives and most recently in the construction and management of modern and innovative multifunctional  complexes, residences and hotels in Albania. The Bolv Group has so far marked growth and currently has about 870 employees, with an experience of 29 successful years in Albania.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, and by matching their requirements we sign our success.



We offer best value in products and services to our clients and business partners, conducting our business with integrity and respecting natural resources.



We work hard every day to make BOLV the Albanian’s most respected and leading company, to be the most valuated and successful enterprise, satisfying customers with a wide range of products and solutions for the automotive products and services with the best people and the best technology.


Our Principles


Professionalism: Our most valuable resource is our people. Our business professionals are essential to the success of our company and we offer support and progression to ensure that they are the best that they can be. We promote a complete work environment which ensures that we continue to recruit, maintain and motivate the highest talented people across the nature or our business.


Responsibility: Our Company has a long history of being a responsible business by respecting our partners and our employees. We are passionate about caring for others, and that extends beyond the walls of our 6 companies. We believe that Bolv, needs to be a prosperous, sustainable and responsible business for people and the communities that we operate on. This is a fundamental belief that stands at the very heart of our business.


Integrity: We are honest with others and ourselves. We meet the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings. We do what we say and always keep our word. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work and our actions. We encourage a culture of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and are responsible corporate citizens.


Team Work: We treat each another with respect and communicate responsively. We foster collaboration while encouraging individual contribution and responsibility. We encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and aim for a values-driven culture based on integrity, respect and teamwork.


Equality: Our company is committed to providing equality of opportunity. We are committed to promote a good and harmonious working environment in which everyone is treated with respect and will not tolerate discrimination, bullying and harassment of any kind.


Innovation: We are very open to implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products and improving our existing services. Innovation to us is crucial for the growth and success of our business, and help our companies to adapt and grow in the marketplace.

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